Have you ever proceed to a content Keyword Study ? This is the analysis we usually do before writing content. Here is an example 😊

Like everyone at some point, you probably have trouble finding the right keywords to drive profitable traffic to your website. Am I right ? You’re not alone… But here is something you will appreciate : Most SEOs think they need to rank for every single keyword that is relevant to their business. However, it is impossible for the majority of businesses.

This content keyword study will help you get creative and discover keywords that :

1. Drive the right traffic to your site
2. Are easy to rank for
3. Are keywords you’re comfortable writing content about
4. Are lucrative for your business
5. Are not necessarily terms that are “popular” (read, “difficult to rank for unless you’re a big, established business”).

Before that, here is a quick reminder abou SEO and why it is so important theses days, no matter what is your market 😀

Google analytics phone
Photo by Edho Pratama / Unsplash

Why SEO is SOOOO important ?

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